This page shows the progress of my latest new build instrument.- It will be updated as I go, so please come back regularly.

Dreadnought Guitar

This build project is taking a back-seat for a while. I am booked 4-to-6 weeks ahead for repairs/mods & set-ups. I will get back on it when time allows.

I have started roughing out the neck and fine tuning the dovetail fit.......More pictures soon.

11-The mahogany neck is getting roughed out.

10-And the back is on.....

09-The label is glued into place

08-The bracing is completed and the back is ready for fitting to the body

07-The back is centre joined and the decorative strip inserted.The thickness is now at finished size.

06-And the soundboard is on.....

05-Soundboard bracing in place and carved/scalloped to shape.

04-The soundboard rough shaped with soundhole cut and rosette inserted.

03-The ribs ready for the soundboard fitting.

02-Ribs in the mould and end blocks glued in.

01-Heat bending the ribs.