Correspondence from some of my satisfied clients.

Hi John,
Just wanted to take the time to say thanks for the work you did on my Pacifica, it feels, sounds and plays like a new guitar twice the price.
I'm so pleased. It's nice to be able to play above the 12th fret again.
24 Nov 19

Hi John,
Just a note to say thank you again for the wonderful job you did on my Larrivee - it plays beautifully again.
Best regards,
10 Oct 18

Morning John,
I'm so pleased with the set up and work you have done to my guitar. Thank you for your time and quick turn around last week.
Alex (My guitar teacher) really enjoyed playing it and said you have done a great job.
My father-in-law has always played guitar and I showed him and he is thinking of contacting you for his guitars to be set up. He was really impressed with the attention to detail and the amount of work done to the guitar.
Thank you again for a wonderful job.
Kind regards
7 Oct 18

Hi John,
I received my Hofner back this evening.
It is now a genuinely inspirational instrument. I definitely prefer it to my Gibson Les Paul, despite the fact that I have being playing the Les Paul exclusively for the last couple of months.
I can't thank you enough for tidying it up.
29 May 18

Hi John,
Wow! What a transformation. I asked for it to be restored and it is now the best it has ever been. With my little fingers and age it is so much easier to play and it sounds sweet as a nut.
Thank you so much.
Best wishes,
19 May 18

Hi John,
Just wanted to give you a bit of feedback on my Strat following your setup and re-wiring.
In short - I love it!
I'm normally a rock player, so humbuckers are typically my go-to pickups, but I'm completely besotted by the single coil vibe now. In fact, I played for 4 straight hours last night which is something I haven't done for a long time.
The action is perfect, and the guitar just feels infinitely more comfortable to play. I couldn't be happier! :)
All the best,
25 Apr 18

Hi John,
I just wanted to let you know that the ESP is sounding fantastic and is rapidly becoming a favourite guitar. The sound is so rich, full and massive. There is a bark to it and it starts to break up really nicely as you push it. Even with overdrive engaged it remains nice and doesn't dissolve into mush like some guitars might. I am using it with my Blackstar HT1R tube amp and the neck sounds smooth and creamy while the bridge really has bite. I am surprised to be honest as I didn't expect these stacked p90s to be this good. It's staying in tune really well despite my playing quite hard on occasions.
Thanks for all you hard work on my various guitars this year.
I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a great 2018.
Best regards Mark W
21 Dec 17

Hi John,
Just a quick thank you for your work on my guitar. Again, set up is meticulously faultless, making it an absolute pleasure to play, along with the other work you have done on it, I couldn't be more pleased.
Chris H
24 Nov 17

Thanks John,
As you can tell by the time of this reply, I've spent a fair amount of time playing the Framus since getting it home earlier and I'm absolutely blown away!
Thanks again John, it's an absolute joy to play now.
You really have done a lovely job on it.
Chris Mc
14 Nov 17

Hi John,
First full practice last night with my repaired RK banjo.
Plays better than ever. Great sound & setup. Such a pleasure to get it back into service.
Top job.
Many thanks,
13 Oct 17

Hi John
I am so pleased with your work on my Martin. It plays like a dream.
Thanks again.
15 July 17

Hi John,
Really appreciate the work you did on the Revelation RT-35.
It plays very well now. (Amazing what a difference a professional setup makes!)
Kind regards,
7 July 17

Hi John, Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with your work on my Telecaster.
My guitar is transformed, I thought it was good but you have made it great - ease of play and true sounding - amazing - an absolute pleasure to play.
Thanks again John.
All the best
Chris H.
30 Jun 17

Thanks John for a good job.
Plays great.
7 Apr 17

Hi John,
I'd like to say another big thank you for all the work you have put into my guitar. It plays and sounds absolutely fantastic, like a guitar twice or three times its price.
It was great also to get a fully detailed insight to what was wrong to start with and how you corrected it in every aspect. You are a true craftsman.
Many thanks again John!
11 Mar 17

Hi John. Absolutely marvellous job you've done.
It's like playing the guitar I always hoped it would be, and definitely be recommending you to all my string loving mates.
All the best
6 Mar 17

Plays beautifully. Spot on set up. Thanks again.
24 Jan 17

Hi John,
Thunderbird plays like a dream, and much brighter sound (not just new strings).
Again many thanks,
Best Regards
20 Dec 16

Hi John
I just wanted to say thank you very much for doing such a great job with my Jaguar. The fret level and dress mean it's never played so well and the overall set-up was perfect.
Thanks for the quick turnaround as well, it was much appreciated. I'll definitely be getting in touch whenever I need a set-up for one of my guitars in future!
All the best,
8 July 16

Hi John
You set up my JSH acoustic last year.
I am still amazed by the difference that the set up made. I've played it more in the last year than all the time I've had it.
Much appreciated.
2 July 16

Hi John
Just to say thanks for a FAB job on my Ric bass. I've owned it for about 5 years now, and usually have it set up twice a year by either (name deleted) in Denmark Street London where I bought it, or by another reasonably local Luthier.
Never has it been as playable as it is now. Action is spot on (for me), those nasty buzzes have gone and I think I've finally got the correct intonation on the E string.
Many many thanks
P.S. you should charge more (what am I saying?...LOL) I'm used to paying almost twice as much as I paid you and getting only half as good a job!!!
I'll be in touch soon regards my Jack Bruce Signature.......
15 Mar 16

Hi John,
I just wanted to give you some feedback on my Lag Acoustic guitar, since you repaired it, I have had no problems with it at all - your set up has settled down extremely well and it plays as best as it can thanks to your fine workmanship, I look forward to bringing my next guitar from my collection to you soon, once again thank you very much.
29 Aug 15

Dear John,
I am delighted with the work you have done on my mandolin and am looking forward to "playing it in" - and showing it off to my orchestra colleagues when we meet again!
With thanks and best wishes
6 July 15

Thanks John, I'm delighted with the results - you've done a superb job
24 Jun 15

Hi john,
just a short note to say how very pleased i am with all the work you carried out on my Strat. it feels so much better and seems a great deal easier to play, once again thank you very much,
24 May 15

Hi John
just wanted to say thanks again for doing the guitar it is lovely to play and thanks for doing the extra bits on it as well, much appreciated.
kind Regards
19 Mar 15

Been playing my sigma this morning... It's playing really nice mate. . thanks for fixing and setting it up John... Love that little sigma ;-)..
7 Feb 15

After a pretty exhausting night at work the guitar made me miss an hour of sleep when I got home due to the fact I couldn't put it down.
The setup has made it really enjoyable to play; whereas before strumming a few chords and keeping them sounding reasonable was a real effort, I've now been playing all evening with no difficulty at all.
Many thanks for the work you carried out.
11 Oct 14

Hi John, played the bass today and just wanted you to know it seemed great! You may feel that you didn't do much but the small tweaks seem to have made a difference and it felt good.
21 Sep 14

Hi John,
I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for doing such a great job with my strat. I took it to band rehearsal last night and it played and sounded fantastic.
Best wishes,
6 Aug 14

Hello John
My son said the guitar is perfect and so easy to play now. He is very very happy with it and wants to thank you very much for doing the work on it.