Earle Marsh Classical Guitar Renovation

This guitar was hand-crafted by Earle S Marsh of Boston, Lincolnshire, UK in 2002. It still sounded beautiful but had taken quite a few knocks, scuffs and scrapes which gave it a rather battered and rundown appearance. The original french polish was worn away in several areas adding to the forlorn looks. The back of the neck was quite rough from heavy wear and there was quite a deep dent where it had received a severe knock. The Thomas Rubner tuners were clogged with dirt and debris and so would not turn smoothly for tuning.

The brief from the owner was to -
A) Reduce the size of dent on the neck so it would not interfere with playability.
B) Smooth out the remainder of the neck and re-finish it with french polish.
C) Refurbish the tuners to get them working properly.
D) Re-finish the body with french polish where necessary.
E) Level the frets (a few were too high), then re-crown and polish.
F) Relocate the slightly misaligned string-nut.
G) Lower the playing action to suit his playing style and restring with Savarez Cristal Corum strings.

Earle S Marsh Classical Guitar after renovation and set-up