Hand Crafted Instruments

If you would like a hand-crafted acoustic/electro-acoustic guitar or mandolin then I can tailor it to your own individual requirements.
Some examples:
Neck widths, depths and profile can be sized to suit your own hands.
Do you have an instrument on which you like the size and shape of the neck? Then I can re-create that on your new instrument.
Do you have a preferred action height setting? I can set up your instrument to match your preference and playing style.

My instruments are crafted from some of the finest sustainably sourced tone-woods available to instrument makers.
These fine woods have been chosen for their superior quality and grain structure and very carefully worked to produce a high quality balanced tone. They will continue to mature over a long period and will subtly enhance and mellow the tone even further.

The most common wood choices for the guitars I build are Spruce soundboards with either Indian Rosewood or Mahogany back and sides.
For mandolins it is often a Spruce top with Maple back, sides and neck.
However I can source pretty much any type of tone-wood from my suppliers. So if you have a particular favourite then please ask.

My Modus-Operandi is that I meet with you to define your individual requirements and preferences. I will then give you a quotation for the instrument.
Once you are satisfied with the proposal and cost I begin working on the instrument.
This can be quite a lengthy process as I sometimes have to design and make a new body mould to suit the shape/size of your instrument. Also I usually have another instrument in progress at any time, which I will have to complete before beginning yours. So I may have to ask you to wait perhaps up to 6 months before your instrument is completed.

I do not usually request a deposit up front.
I will make the instrument to your specification and then offer it to you for first refusal. I am pretty certain you will love it !
My reason for operating this way is because I am working with natural materials. Due to their very nature every instrument has a unique sound and tone.
If you go into a guitar shop you will try many instruments, often of the very same make, model and construction. You will home in on the one that plays and sounds most sweetly for you.
I cannot offer you a dozen new guitars to try-out.
Therefore if you are not totally happy with the feel and tone of the instrument then you are not obliged to buy it. I am always able to sell it elsewhere. (Unless you have asked me to inlay your name along the fingerboard or something equally outrageous!).

Instrument Prices: Depend on the woods and hardware you specify.
As a guide, a typical Spruce/Mahogany or Spruce/Indian Rosewood construction would be around £1250 to £1550.
The more exotic the woods the more pricey they become!