Some of the mandolins, banjos, ukuleles & folk instruments that have passed through my workshop for setup/repair/mods.

Lanikai Tenor Ukulele

Lanikai Tenor Uke - Belcat UK500-T pick-up & pre-amp fitted.

Blue Eagle Style 2R Dulcimer

Blue Eagle Mountain Dulcimer - Frets dressed/levelled & re-crowned, New bone string-nut made & fitted, Badly seated bridge/saddle cured, String action height set, Output jack re-wired & screened.

Mittenwald Violin circa 1850

Mittenwald Violin - Fingerboard re-glued, Purfling re-glued, Peg holes plugged & re-drilled, New pegs fitted, Instrument cleaned & re-strung.

Kala KA-ATP Tenor Ukulele

Kala Tenor Uke - K&K Twin-Spot internal pick-up with end-pin jack fitted, Strap button fitted on neck heel.

Cordoba 25CK Concert Ukulele

Cordoba 25CK Uke - Strap buttons fitted.

Cordoba 20CM Concert Ukulele

Cordoba 20CM Uke - Strap button fitted.

Gretsch G9310 New Yorker Mandolin

Gretsch mandolin - Bridge fitted, Frets levelled & dressed, Fret buzz cured, Fully set-up & restrung.

Heartwood AM-70NA mandolin

Heartwood Mandolin - Frets dressed & polished, Fully set-up & restrung.

Barnes & Mullins Soprano Ukulele

B&M UBUK2S- Frets levelled & dressed, Action reduced at saddle, String-nut slots adjusted, Fully set-up & restrung.

Vega Mandolin

1930s Vega mandolin - Top re-glued onto sides, New binding fitted, Restrung.

Mexican Guitarron Mariachi 6 string Bass

Mexican Guitarron - original peg tuners replaced with modern Gotoh bass tuners, Gripper strap buttons fitted, Restrung.

Tanglewood 6-string Banjo

Tanglewood 6-str Banjo - Fishman pick-up fitted, String-nut reworked to give much lower action. Frets dressed crowned & polished. Head tensioned & action set.

Vintage Butler-Geo Matthew Banjo

Butler/Geo P Matthew Banjo (over 100 years old) - Fitted modern tuners, frets polished & fully set-up.

Fender '52 Ukulele

Fender Ukulele - Sharp frets ends dressed.

Recording King Madison RK-R36-BR

Recording King Madison banjo - 5th-string sliding capo installed, fully set-up including head tension and action height.

Countryman Banjo

Countryman Banjo - Broken tuner repaired.

Ozark Mandolin

Ozark - Tailpiece replaced, frets dressed & polished, action lowered, full set-up and cleaned.